Wednesday, December 13, 2017

wheels day

On Monday we had wheels day it was super  fun I really enjoyed it. When I got to school I saw everyone wearing mufti it was colourful. Then I got to class we did the roll and got out side I heard the wind blowing and it was sunny and a beautiful day .And lots of people had bikes and scooters too but the people who did not bring bikes and scooters we did some activities like steel and it was fun we also had ice blocks  because it was a hot day and we the the slip and slide we also went in the pool we had the best day on Monday. The slip and slide was my Favourite because it was slippery and we can slide on it and I really enjoyed it so much we also went on the trees because some people where playing games and me and my friend  were on the tree.

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  1. Kia ora Marwa,

    My name is Megan, and I will be one of the people blogging with you this summer for the Summer Learning Journey. Wow, what an awesome day it looks like you had with your friends and other students. I really enjoyed how you described what the weather was like when you walked outside, as I could imagine what it would be like if I was there. I wish I was there enjoying the day because this sounds so exciting and full of activities. Did you have the opportunity to take some wheels with you?

    I am thrilled that you've registered for the Summer Learning Journey with us. I know it can sometimes be tricky to get started. I have included a link to the week one activities, but remember, you can do them in any order! Check out the activities on our website, and then post your responses to the activities here on your blog site.

    I am so excited to read more of your posts!

    Have a lovely day and a happy holidays,
    Megan :)


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