Wednesday, December 13, 2017

wheels day

On Monday we had wheels day it was super  fun I really enjoyed it. When I got to school I saw everyone wearing mufti it was colourful. Then I got to class we did the roll and got out side I heard the wind blowing and it was sunny and a beautiful day .And lots of people had bikes and scooters too but the people who did not bring bikes and scooters we did some activities like steel and it was fun we also had ice blocks  because it was a hot day and we the the slip and slide we also went in the pool we had the best day on Monday. The slip and slide was my Favourite because it was slippery and we can slide on it and I really enjoyed it so much we also went on the trees because some people where playing games and me and my friend  were on the tree.

Friday, December 8, 2017

gala day

Hi blogger about 2 weeks ago we were practising our dance for the gala day and showing it to our teachers and other students. I really enjoyed the dance because it was nice and cool and the sun was so hot and it was burning my back. I couldn't  control myself but I tired to move away from the sun. Some people in the culture group were singing and dancing  but i really liked it it was fun i like the Chinese group because they used them salves to be a dragon it was really cool. Also we were doing the gala day on Friday i was not there but it sounded like they had fun in the gala day i saw some photos
it was cool .

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cybersmart My Maps

Hi bloggers .Yesterday we were doing cyber smart about google maps. We used it because you can communicate to other people that were different classes and we see how far is it to a different school. Then we press "add to map". We used the Ako Hiko schools that are on their site. Then we had to follow an instruction sheet. Here it is:

We had to follow this sheet to complete the map. Here is my map:
Thank you for reading my blog post. Bye.

Monday, September 25, 2017

cultural group

Hi bloggers
In November we are going to perform our cultural dance. Every Friday we do our practising for our cultural day.  I chose to do Bollywood because I have never done that before. So I had a little go and it was actually fun. But I did not know how to do those dance moves so there was a teacher that was helping us and that teacher was very good at it. I am still practising. I was proud of myself because I know how to do it just a bit because I am not from that culture. I had lots of fun and I learnt a lot.
Bye bloggers

Monday, September 11, 2017

Cinema time in the holidays.

This is about the holidays with my friends going to the cinemas and we were watching Boss Baby and we had fun. Also we had to buy lots of snacks for the movies.

Vroom vroom! As I heard the noise I felt excited and my heart was beating. Yes, ultimately we got there and then I saw everyone at the cinemas. Then we got some popcorn for the movie. It is our turn. Hurry. Look it's our turn. We sat down so our movie can start. Shh be quiet remember you can't talk it is a cinemas if you scream they will kick you out  before they finish their movie. It began to get sad then happy but we enjoy the bossy baby and they went home and we had a great rest for us because we were so tired when we were watching Bossy Baby.

 My writing goal is using punctuation like capitals and full stops. I need to make my story interesting
and also use commas and exclamation marks to make my story better.


Hi blogger. At the beginning of week 3 rooms Waitemata, Manukau and Hauraki did our Pepeha and we had lots of fun doing it because we got to make patterns and designs for our pepeha. Also we checked the designs of pepeha on Google to give us an idea to make different patterns. You can see the picture of the pepeha below. I made some Maori designs because I really like design. I used the colours of red and black because that is the colours of tukutuku.
I found it  difficult by finding  patterns that I liked but  I was proud of what I did.

Friday, August 18, 2017


 Hi blogger in the past 3 weeks Waitemata went to Taekwondo and we had fun .What we did was kicks and punching. We had tries on our kicks it was really hard because we had to put our feet high and then jump to touch the pad also I kept
trying  to put my feet to the pads . When it got to 12 o'clock we had a big Competition who can put there feet why higher but she had to start from low then higher when it got to low it was very easy but not hard. Then it got higher and I lost but I really wonted to won .